Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jimmy Barnes from Cold Chisel joins Living Loud 2004 - 2006 set for an international release!

© 2006 EMI/Capitol

In January 2006 this CD from 2004 will be released in the USA.

Living Loud are:

Jimmy Barnes (Vocals) - Bob Daisley (Bass Guitar) - Steve Morse (Guitar) - Lee Kerslake (Drums) and Don Airey (Keyboards

Jimmy Barnes gave us:

4 BP 21 Lay Down your Guns Cold Chisel

Which is an awesome track four from 21 :).


1 BP 21 One of Us Wild Side
2 BP 21 All Night Long Lionel Richie
3 BP 21 Rebel Rebel International Chrysis
4 BP 21 Lay Down your Guns Cold Chisle (Jimmy Barnes lead singer.)
5 BP 21 I think I wanna Rock Manrock
6 BP 21 Get out of My Dream Billy Ocean
7 BP 21 Pride Jonah
8 BP 21 Do It Yello
9 BP 21 My Prerogative Bobby Brown
10 BP 21 Native New Yorker Odyssey

There was so much controversy with track 4 from Pump 21. The first time I did the whole release of Pump 21 in class I thought OMG.

One of Us is in the Best of 48 - 9 Series of Bodypump. I like the original. All Night Long is longer in Pump 21. I loved the longer one in Pump 21. The one in Pump 21 is alot more funkier than the version used in the Best of Series. Personally I love the original more than the one in The Best of series.

Rebel Rebel is a ouch chest track. It is slightly longer that some other chest tracks.

Lay Down Your Guns has multiple C & P I just love that track. When I taught Bodypump 50 (Slave to the Music) they had no idea what we used to do in Bodypump back in the 90's, there was tons of confusion because they were expecting a C & P and the standard moves.

I Think I Wanna Rock is a fast and crazy triceps track, to this day it is one of the hardest triceps tracks out and lots and lots of dips. :)

Get Out of My Dreams love both versions.

Pride was a squat track in the Best of Series of Bodypump in this one it is a lunge track I quite like it as a lunge track. S P L we don't have them anymore :(

Do It in this one is harder than in the Bonus Release in the 40's series of Bodypump.

My Prerogative is a very good abs track :)

Just love Native New Yorker it has a Broadway feel to it. For the life of me I can not remember any other track 10's that have been like a "Broadway" track. Well we got it in Pump 21 :)

Pump 21 is the hardest Bodypumps in the 20's series of Bodypump.

Go ahead and try Pump 21 :)

Living Louds debut CD is out now, In the Name of God is the first release from the CD. The video can be seen on their site.


1. Last Chance 2. I Don’t Know 3. Every Moment a Lifetime 4. Crazy Train 5. In the Name of God 6. Flying High Again 7. Pushed Me Too Hard 8. Mr. Crowley 9. Tonight 10. Walk Away 11. Over The Mountain

It should be an awesome year for Living Loud and Jimmy Barnes for 2006 with this CD being released worldwide.

Here is the link for Cold Chisle:

Now listening to Pump 21:) one of the finest 60 minutes you can have ever in any aerobics room :)


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